Rose chairs, cont.

It has been way too long, but I finally picked up the chair I started restoring long ago (posts here, here and here, two years ago… I should be ashamed).

Some weeks ago I finished adjusting the joint that broke, so now it fits (I don’t want to push it all the way in until I glue it all toghether), that there doesn’t look so great, but it is structurally sound and covered by the seat. I also sanded some other bits, some small bits on the legs to go. The seat board was kind of disgusting, so today with borrowed saw, I cut two (because I have two chairs, second to be finished by 2020 or so) out of plywood, and some foam for the seats. I think I may make them double layer so they are comfortable.

I still have to decide which fabric I will use for the seats. My original idea was red silk dupioni, but I am not sure anymore. The red “mahogany” dye with which I dyed the flower carvings is not very light fast:

So well, these are not quite red anymore, so I doubt…

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    1. Found in the garbage in Brussels… amazing what people will throw away. They had some quite crappy “repairs” done to them, and terrible plastic faux leather seats changed in the 70s, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

      That I hadn’t think of at all! I would have to find a fabric that doesn’t clash with the rose carving, though. Do you know where to find these fabrics? I only know this and it is not very cheap:

                1. Yes, I can go either way. The wood is quite light, probably oak, but I still haven’t decided if I will dye it or not, with a lighter or darker walnut. I can make them quite dark.

                  The only thing that worries me is the rose panel carvings, I am not sure they match. The wood itself is a bit red, maybe cherry wood, and I made them darker but I could remove it or make them more brown.

  1. I love the chair and cannot wait to see what you do with it. This reminds me that I am still searching for the perfect, awesome, free or almost free chair to be paired with my Singer. :p

    Sadly I have only encountered boring junk around here.

    The carvings are so great!

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