Oak desk

Last week I bid for a desk on Ebay and “won”. If you see my previous desk you’ll understand why ;P It made my eyes bleed and was clashing with the rest of the living/dining room furniture so much.

I love this desk. I needed a little bit of repair. We picked it up yesterday, and we had to take it apart to fit it in the car. Nice that it could be taken apart, since many antique furniture doesn’t…

When we got home we assembled it, I washed it, gave a de-waxer to the board, filled in the cracks with wood pasta (I always end up using my fingers):

Gave a good layer of wax, also to the drawers:

And it was ready. I love it:

Then came the lenghtier process of all, to unplug al the cables of the computer, clean up the mess, clean the computer in and out, and re-assemble it all again. I hate cables I put them as orderly as I could, this time I used cable ties. And it is now set:

An extra picture for your viewing pleasure ;)

And, I put ALL (well, almost ) of my BPAL in one of the drawers! incredible :> Now it still needs organizing, but I prefer to have it all (almost) togheter. This drawer is a chemical weapon, though, LOL. Right now it still smells kind of toxic here, what with the de-waxer, the wax, and messing with all that perfume. This is a picture of my entire collection. The oval imp box I have on my vanity, the square is Pim’s:

I have three million imps to go through, sigh. I shouldn’t order anymore until I take a good bite at this. I bet I have dozens to sell or swap. I have been good lately, though, ordering very little.

10 thoughts on “Oak desk

  1. You’re so organized and handy/skillfull! I wish I could turn old things into new like you do. I’m always looking for furniture and stuff on the garbage, people throw ridiculous amounts of perfectly good stuff away around here!

    And i love the smell of wax!

    1. I try to be organized, but I have so much stuff, it is really difficult. My workshop is an utter mess, and then I don’t do anything in it anymore. I really have to clean it up and organize it next.

      I used to find great stuff in the street an BCN too. Here, it is not allowed to put your old furniture in the street, boo.

  2. Me acabo de fijar en que tienes viales (se llaman así? :$) acostados. Y yo que los tengo en una bolsita hermética de pie, porque no doy encontrado un cartón duro para hacer los separadores y meterlos en una caja que tengo xDD No sé por qué pensé que no se podían poner acostados *lookaround*

  3. What a lovely tranquil spot – love the desk.
    Your apartment always looks so neat and tidy.

    And I’m giggling at your bpal stash. You make my very tiny addiction seem like child’s play:)

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