Dinning table

I’ve started working on the dining table again. I don’t think I ever posted here about it? We started to sand it some months ago, the varnish was quite hard and difficult to sand off. I didn’t want to use a varnish remover.

Today I sanded the rest of varnish from one third of the table (I’m dividing it in three parts to work on for three days) with a harsh grit, and then with a finer grit and no vacuum cleaner attached, as to collect some saw(?)dust to mix with white wood glue to fill in cracks later on. This was a tip from the clerk at the hardware store.

On a side note, the paid account for this journal expired some time ago (I still don’t know why the automatic payment didn’t work) and today I went to renew it for a year, I did… while I was logged in with my innershelter account :( stupid, stupid me. I’ve logged a help ticket and I hope this can be solved, I cannot afford to pay for another account, and for some reason this went back to an account with ads :/ And I can make absolutely no use of the benefits of a paid account in innershelter, it is completely useless.

I am having a terrible day, I shouldn’t do anything remotely important when I’m like this.

Update: I got a refund!! :) now I have to remember tomorrow and purchase the subscription on this account.


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