Dinning table II

Last weekend Pim helped me sanding the rest of the table top. He did most of the work. After removing all of the varnish, he sanded it with a finer grit and no vacuum cleaner, and I picked up as much of the sawdust as possible. Then I mixed it with white glue and filled in cracks. I am still not finished doing this.

Today I’ve been working on the table all day. My hips hurt so much I can barely walk >_< I just took an anti-infflamatory and let’s hope it works.

First I sanded the edges of the table top board. That wasn’t much work.

Then I decided I had to do something to the legs. After that I decided I had to do something to the extension boards that are under the table top. I want to finish the table soon.

The legs are turned, massive, some sort of hardwood. They have been dyed mahogany and they were in quite bad condition, old layers of… wax? wasted at the corners, where the protective layer and the dye has worn off.

I started by removing as much as I could of the supposed wax. I used a product -some sort of solvent- to remove wax, I also used it to remove the wax on the vanity, and it worked much better for that. I don’t really know what was on these legs, perhaps some old varnish. So I rubbed them with this product and steel wool.

A lot of gunk came out, but I didn’t spend three days working at it, so everything didn’t come out. I stopped when I thought it was decent, and then washed the legs with “natural” soap, taking care not to soak them too much. I also rubbed and washed the sides, under the boards, but I think these have a more decent varnish.

Sort of clean, and dry.

Then I dyed them with a mix made with walnut powder and mahogany dye. I mixed this dye some time ago, to dye 4 “torus” shaped pieces of light wood to put under the table, a shape much like the lower turn of the legs, since it is a little too low for our chairs. I matched them to the colour of the legs, so I used this dye again.


Then I waxed and polished them. I couldn’t achieve super shine, but they do look decent and much better.

On to the boards… those were a big mess. Except a thin rail on the edges, they were some sort of raw pine timber. Splintery, dirty, full of holes and cracks. One big, big crack.

First I thought I am gonna dye them a little and let them be.

But they are so rough they would even catch on a table cloth if we use the table with extensions. Not gonna happen soon, not gonna happen often, but if you do something, better do it a little better than a little worse. So I filled the holes and the cracks with wood paste, sanded all of it a little bit, dyed again, and gave a layer of varnish. Also to the edges. Now I feel a little bit better about the underboards :P

It is still not dry.

Now I am off to take a warm, warm shower. Then I hope I still have enough energy left to clean up the mess, but I do not want to fuck up my hips even more, so we will see.

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