Dinning table III – cracks

Today I started sanding the “wood paste” I made according to hardware store clerck… I should have tried this before going on crack filling spree. The paste has hardened and darkened a lot. I have to sand it off with a harsh sandpaper in the machine, and insisting a lot, it is gummy and difficult to sand off, and at some points the filling comes out of the thin cracks in a thin strip when sanding the rest! argh. I am then losing my time and losing wood to top it off. So now it is gonna take a lot of time to sand this crap off and fill the holes again with something that works, and then sand again. This is how the glue+sawdust mix has hardened:

When sanded, if it doesn’t peel off, it looks like this, quite dark, but I hope not as noticeable once the surface is varnished, therefore darkened. Still, it is way too dark I think:

I have then tried to fill the cracks with the quality wood paste I have, it was much easier to fill the cracks without making a mess all around:

And when sanded (and it sands easily off and nice, I did it by hand in 10 seconds), it is of course too light, because this paste is light oak. I am gonna go and get cherry wood this weekend:

Live and learn, I guess.


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