Woodworking is my oldest and newest love interest.

Let me start at the beginning. Around 1991 or so, after primary school (back then our primary school was 8 years) I was 14 or 15 (I’m not good at this), I was asked what I wanted to do with my life. I said I wanted to make furniture, and in my mind I had the kind of furniture you see in museums.

They gave me a folder for interior decoration in Llotja school. There I went and in a roundabout way, years later I ended up in the enamelling department.

Fast forward +10 years and Andreu Vilasís showed me his awesome workshop. This is an enamel workshop, mind, but he likes wood too (what he calls fer fustetes) and he had made all these drawers and sliding tills and dividers, and for some reason it rekindled my old love interest more than drooling at cool furniture and carvings ever had.

Fast forward some more years. I collect antique (mostly just old) furniture any chance I get. We bought a house. Possibilities!

I started researching and gobbling down all the information I could on woodworking with (mainly) hand tools. Power tools do not interest me very much. I got a subscription to woodworkingmasterclasses.com (recommended!). I started buying (mostly old) tools. I’ve started using them a bit. I hope to build my workbench soon :)

I could never interest Pim (my partner) in knitting (I don’t understand!) enamel, or jewellery. But he is showing an interest in woodworking. Yay!

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