A friend commissioned this pair of matching pendants for a special occasion. The dragon motif was provided by her. I took a break from working on our new house refurbishment to make this commission and[…]


Graphite and enamel over copper, sterling silver, agate beads, and three glass beads (the grey ones at the center and the drop at the back). 2.5cm diameter. 48 cm long necklace.

Mist II

For a set of earrings, ring and necklace. Further exploring this idea. Now the previous piece seems so primitive :p The candidate stones are grey moonstones and blue lace agates (not dyed). And black glass.[…]

Quick preview

What I have been working on this weekend: Now I have to finish the bead necklace and it will be ready. I am using both the serpentines and the peridots, as in the earrings. I[…]


And I finished what I wanted to finish! the setting and necklace for the Givrer piece, that I want to submit for a juried exhibition: Excuse the crappy picture, there is just no light at[…]


Escarcha means frost, the kind of frosted dew that forms on leaves and other things. No specific English word for this? With this piece I made today, I wanted to imitate the texture of frost[…]


Today my big order from Fire Mountain Beads arrived. No customs fee! :D It is a bit late but I could not wait and I already put them away in the organizers I bought Saturday.[…]


I just found a letter in my mailbox, from Lark Books. My submission for the Skull I pendant (this one below, but a different pic I think) has been accepted to appear in the book[…]

Heart choker

I made this a couple of weeks ago, but I have been a bit lazy about updating… This piece was a comission from a dear friend’s boyfriend. For her birthday. His idea was of a[…]