Migration 2

Ok, I finally was able to download my liveJournal that I used from 2003 to approx fade out in 2011. After week upon week of trying and a lot of patience I had to start[…]


My website had been down for a while due to technical issues. I finally decided to nearly start over.My previous website was too complex and difficult to update, and the blog integration didn’t quite deserve[…]

Blog back on!

I haven’t posted in a while… again, but this time I had a reason not to! It all started with my web hosting company going rogue on me. Word to the wise: if you are[…]


I have been neglecting the blog… shame on me! I tend to get a little lazy over the summer months ;)I didn’t even post about Canicule when it was released… well ok, here it is.[…]

Relaunched Website!

After a computer incident and finally upgrading to Windows 7, and again with the invaluable help of my personal Code Monkey, Mr. (or should I say DHR?) Pim Volders, it’s finally up! All merged together[…]

Website and beret

Yesterday evening I started working on a project I had in the backburner for a very long time:  a matching hat for my Esporòfits set, I decided for a beret style.  I continued working today,[…]

New website is up!

After many months of preparation, today my new website is finally up and running: Click to visit. Featuring a nice browsing system for the gallery, and a video section that I plan to be updating[…]