Workbench I

Last Saturday we were in the DYI store, looking for plywood to make a shooting board and sharpening bench hook thing, and instead came home with a ton of wood for the workbench! (the plywood[…]


I am very busy with work and the house, but somehow also trying to find the time for two enamel commissions. I am also making a few other pieces in the meantime, since once I[…]


A project I have been working on for the last weeks, is my submission to GreenLion Gallery‘s upcoming exhibition “The Kiss: Inspirations from The Cure”, running from September 15  to October 15, 2011 at GreenLion[…]

26 June 2011

It has been a while! I haven’t been keeping up with these entries. I had forgotten about it to be honest! Today I decided to change slightly the way I do my jewellery. I should[…]

10 April 2011

Today I decided to try another way to build a setting, a variation on something I did before for Givrer. I still had enough silver for this light setting so I went ahead. I built[…]

9 April 2011

Today I have been working on several enamel bases that I had already started working some time ago, and a couple that were just blank with the base layer. I am mostly using a variation[…]


Today I sent some workshop pictures to Trish from Grains of Glass, for a new page with pictures of enamelling workshops. I thought it was a great idea, I look forward to see other enamellists[…]


Pim is at a company trip this weekend, so I am home alone. I have spent the entire day in the workshop. Yesterday when I got home from work, I rearranged my two desks, crappy[…]

New colors

I put the new colors in jars. I like to have them tidy, not in crappy bags or random jars. I think I still should get some more enamel before leaving, basic flux, opaque white[…]