Sewing and knitting

I bought a very pretty coat many years ago (see it here worn by my dear friend Anna). It came with a detachable fake fur collar-lapel thing. It looks beautiful and it is rather effective against[…]


Grey and green

Last Monday I bought some fabric on a whim, 1m of very soft grey jersey rayon and 0.5m of a vibrant mossy green, for a short sleeved dress. The grey is rather beautiful, very slightly[…]



I received a package today. Some vintage yarn, an embroidery hoop, and some old (made in Western Germany!) Prym pressure buttons I found on Ebay Belgium. A shop was selling old stocks, probably from a[…]

Sewing corner

I have spent the entire day cleaning up and organising my sewing corner (also all the ironing things are there). It had become an incredible sprawling mess in the last year or so, to the[…]


I’m done smallifying! just washed them. Here are almost all my band t-shirts, a few that were clean are not there ;P From front to back: Darkthrone*, Obituary*, Deicide*, Anathema*, Darkthrone, Cathedral*, Paradise Lost*, Katatonia,[…]

More t-shirt painting.

I finished two more t-shirts. Little bird on branch. Orchid. The model. I have to let them dry completely, take better pictures (difficult with the little light there is around here for the last week)[…]


I needed some instant gratification. To start something and finish it. Inspired by the poppies I see these days in a train station on my way to work. Hand painted poppies over light green t-shirt.[…]

Singer 301

Today it’s been busy… apart from a lot of family visits, we went to pick up the sewing machine I won on Ebay yesterday. The machine, now I can confirm it is a 15-88 model,[…]


And finally I finished the dining room curtains! I’ve been so lazy about it… I said “I’ll do it next week”… it’s been more than two months. I’m glad it’s finished, the sun is very[…]