Fun lens

My boyfriend just gave me this lens for my birthday! I am not at all familiar with it yet, of course, and the light is gone now (argh!) but I anticipate much fun :)))  […]


Miltonia   Phalaenopsis!/Loki_bicho   Phalaenopsis After a long, long break, three of my orchids are in bloom! The miltonia was first, and one bud on each of the phalaenopsis have just opened,[…]

Two new hats

I have published two hat patterns this month :) both match other patterns because I am perhaps a little bit obsessed with sets! First came my Esporòfits Beret. I have mentioned it before. I had[…]

Cat videos

Loki in Barcelona, August. Loki giving Mino grief. There is one thing that Mino doesn’t like, and that’s having his tail touched. But Loki cannot resist. Pim playing with Loki.

Rising copper

New video! This video shows fragments from a process of about two hours. Here I am raising 0.8mm rectangular copper sheet, doming it from the center in a soft slope towards all edges which lay[…]


A fern gametophyte is growing in my terrarium, right next to the glass. Its been growing a bit the last few days, but it is still very tiny (as it will probably stay). I have[…]

First video

  Process: wetpacking a copper base, first layer. Here I am applying tragacanth gum to the back, wetpacking a gradient of greys, and the first layer of white enamel to the front of a shaped[…]


Click here for big pic, big enough for most desktops. Iris’ iris. I took some great videos of the snails, trying to figure out how to upload these with a good quality.