I have been neglecting the blog… shame on me! I tend to get a little lazy over the summer months ;)I didn’t even post about Canicule when it was released… well ok, here it is.[…]


Miltonia   Phalaenopsis   http://lokibicho.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/#!/Loki_bicho   Phalaenopsis After a long, long break, three of my orchids are in bloom! The miltonia was first, and one bud on each of the phalaenopsis have just opened,[…]


I bought this yarn, one of my favourites, so soft… 80% angora. I thought this colourway would be similar to Loki’s fur, from pics online, but it was a lot more pink: So I have[…]

Cat videos

Loki in Barcelona, August. Loki giving Mino grief. There is one thing that Mino doesn’t like, and that’s having his tail touched. But Loki cannot resist. Pim playing with Loki.


A fern gametophyte is growing in my terrarium, right next to the glass. Its been growing a bit the last few days, but it is still very tiny (as it will probably stay). I have[…]


Click here for big pic, big enough for most desktops. Iris’ iris. I took some great videos of the snails, trying to figure out how to upload these with a good quality.


Here some pics of plants. We went to get some pots, and came back with more plants than intended. Pim selected a big indoors plant, and a smaller one, which is very out of character[…]