Mist series gallery

So far the Mist family of finished pieces. Many are still works in progress! See more details under the series’ tag. Wondering if any of these are available to purchase? send me an email at[…]

Another commission

This week I found the photo for this commission by a friend: Enamel over copper (transparent enamel over white opalescent enamel and china paint) sterling/fine silver setting and sterling chain. It was actually finished in[…]


I am very busy with work and the house, but somehow also trying to find the time for two enamel commissions. I am also making a few other pieces in the meantime, since once I[…]


Today I received a wonderful package from the amazing artist János Gábor Varga: Etsy shop, Website, Flickr, Boticca interview. I love the clever ways in which he manipulates simple chunks of iron! His progress pictures are[…]

10 April 2011

Today I decided to try another way to build a setting, a variation on something I did before for Givrer. I still had enough silver for this light setting so I went ahead. I built[…]

Mist II

Mist II Enamel and china paints over copper, sterling silver, onyx, blue lace agate & black silk stone. Pendant: Enamel 4.5 x 4 cm – centerpiece 7.5 x 6.5 cm – collar lenght 48 cm[…]

Mist II

For a set of earrings, ring and necklace. Further exploring this idea. Now the previous piece seems so primitive :p The candidate stones are grey moonstones and blue lace agates (not dyed). And black glass.[…]