Today I received a wonderful package from the amazing artist János Gábor Varga: Etsy shop, Website, Flickr, Boticca interview. I love the clever ways in which he manipulates simple chunks of iron! His progress pictures are[…]

26 June 2011

It has been a while! I haven’t been keeping up with these entries. I had forgotten about it to be honest! Today I decided to change slightly the way I do my jewellery. I should[…]


Graphite and enamel over copper, sterling silver, agate beads, and three glass beads (the grey ones at the center and the drop at the back). 2.5cm diameter. 48 cm long necklace.

Some brooches

I haven’t been updating as of late, probably because nothing has really been going on. It is a very snowy and cold winter in Europe, and I actually enjoy it a lot more than the[…]

Quick preview

What I have been working on this weekend: Now I have to finish the bead necklace and it will be ready. I am using both the serpentines and the peridots, as in the earrings. I[…]


And I finished what I wanted to finish! the setting and necklace for the Givrer piece, that I want to submit for a juried exhibition: Excuse the crappy picture, there is just no light at[…]

Brass setting

Yesterday I received a parcel from cissa in the US. That was different kinds of brass wire and sheet, a few copper blanks, and a little of solder (thanks Amanda!) I got a torch last[…]


I just saw a shape out of 1mm copper sheet, this is the first time I sawed in many years, and I didn’t break a single “sawette” =D Must be like riding a bike.

Skull chain

I made the chain and earrings for the skull pendant. The frame is in the making and I’ll add this to it. I let it black until I get the frame, and then match the[…]