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Had a few days off, and finished three pendants :) Falciot was enamelled (and posted) before, but I made the setting for it. I enamelled a series of three pendants with mistletoe motif, still one[…]


Graphite and enamel over copper, sterling silver, agate beads, and three glass beads (the grey ones at the center and the drop at the back). 2.5cm diameter. 48 cm long necklace.

Rising copper

New video! This video shows fragments from a process of about two hours. Here I am raising 0.8mm rectangular copper sheet, doming it from the center in a soft slope towards all edges which lay[…]


And I finished what I wanted to finish! the setting and necklace for the Givrer piece, that I want to submit for a juried exhibition: Excuse the crappy picture, there is just no light at[…]


Escarcha means frost, the kind of frosted dew that forms on leaves and other things. No specific English word for this? With this piece I made today, I wanted to imitate the texture of frost[…]

Enamel experiments

And this past weekend I made some enamelling experiments I wanted to try for some time: Graphite over enamel. Hardness of the pencil doesn’t seem to have any importance (here: 8B, 4H, 2B) Watercolor over[…]