Skull I
Skull I
Skull V – cat skull (black series)

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I prepared three galleries for some of my more representative
vitreous enamel art jewellery series: Skull, Mist & Black.

I studied enamelling for a decade, and it was my profession for years (check out the awesome jewels of Bagués Masriera), until I moved to Belgium. I may have ended in it’s path by chance (then again, isn’t everything chance?), but for sure it has become one of my passions. Craft disciplines are more satisfying the more demanding they are, I think, and enamel is certainly very demanding.

In my blog, you may find all the enamel related entries in my blog here. Also my jewellery, I rarely make any jewellery with no enamel in it.

Vitreous enamel basically consists of putting powdered glass on top of metal and putting the entire thing in a kiln (at more or less 900 °C). A bit like glazed ceramic, but on metal rather than clay. It is also very hard, so it breaks if you drop it.




This as you can imagine is an oversimplification. You can watch some process videos below:

There are so many things you can do with enamel. You can make paintings that never degrade, you can make street name plates and bathtubs. You can make the most exquisite jewellery.


I mostly make jewellery. The technique I use most often is miniature paint, also called china paint, onglaze… for short we call it “vitri” in Catalan, after all, it is a paint that vitrifies. I also just paint with enamel. At Masriera I did mostly plique-à-jour and ronde-bosse. I should get back to that at some point.

My workshop was dismantled when we moved to the house we bought in 2013. I’m now working on a new, improved workshop but it won’t be up and running still for a while.


Mist series, in progress


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