Quilt 3 & 4

I’ve been neglecting the quilt a bit. I have no sense of urgency because Erik won’t be able to use it for a long time yet. I suppose he could use it as a mat, but he does have plenty of mats.
And his room won’t be ready for a long time yet. We got him a second hand wardrobe in perfect condition (Ikea’s Trogen which has been discontinued, it matches his Gonatt crib), but we put it in the staircase landing outside our bedroom and the upstairs bathroom (where he sleeps and where the changing table is, respectively). It is very useful in there and there it will remain until he moves upstairs. I’m in no hurry. Everybody sleeps wonderfully through the night. He is now using the crib all the time because he outgrew the BabyBay by 4,5 months or so, he’s a long baby!
But I digress.

So mostly I am knitting instead, but I make a few hexies now and then, and I store them in a little box by the sofa. All the fabrics rest in a basket under the coffee table.

I cut the fabric in (larger) hexagons too, so I have very, very little waste. I just have a sheet of paper with 7 cm wide hexagons printed on it and small holes punched at the vertices, I mark the fabric and cut it with scissors.

Sigh. I found a post “Quilt 3” in my drafts which I forgot to publish, more than a month ago. So here it is:

I’ve got the background / back fabric! I was a bit set on linen, for some reason (the best for my baby? am I one those people now? ;) ), and a beautiful Belgian linen I got. I brought a hexie of each fabric to Max Bloch, and there I saw a white linen looked better than natural flax, grey or ivory. It is not nuclear white, but it is white.

I expect the texture will change a bit when washed, and I’ll get quite a lot of shrinkage (for the record, I am pre-washing all fabrics – I don’t expect every one to shrink in the same proportion). I got 3 metres, I’ve now talked myself into a simple plain white back, so it should be plenty even with the binding (not sure if I’ll do rounded corners and thus use bias binding). Hopefully I have enough for a pillowcase or two. I have some ideas for extending the fabric, which maybe are good in themselves!

They had a huge bunch of Vichy/Gingham in different colours and check sizes, I think I’d like to make a quilt with the same colour (probably black or grey) but different check sizes… I’m so boring!

As it couldn’t be otherwise, I also got three more fabrics for the quilt, sigh ;D all grey, 1/4m of a plain medium grey (I only had darks and lights), and 1/2 each of two pretty geometric prints. Both of them have a hexagonal grid base, and they work great for the hexies. I’m actually considering adding a little yellow to the triangle print fabric with fabric paint. Crazy.

And the two fabrics with daisies/popcorn will most likely drop. Pim doesn’t like them, and I am on the fence, and having so many other nice ones, why include them?

Meanwhile, I am making more hexies…

Ironing hexies after removing the paper inside
Ironing paper to reuse








For my records, price of the fabrics:

Linen  x3 €37,50
Grey cotton x0,25 €2,13
Each of the prints x0,5 €4,50

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