Quilt II

I’m slowly getting started with Erik’s quilt. I first tried to draw the hexagons myself, but only had some black card around. It has so much texture that the graphite point in my compass gets worn off immediately and all accuracy is lost. So I just drew some hexagon grids in Illustrator and printed them on regular paper.

I made grids with hexagons 5, 6 and 7 cm wide (edge to edge). I am using the smallest grid for my paper piecing, the largest to cut my fabric, and the medium one will probably be the grid for my quilt.

So I printed several sheets of the 5 cm grid, cut out the hexagons with scissors, punched a hole in the middle, and, when Erik gives me a little bit of free time, I cut and baste some hexagons.

I saw the punched hole trick on Pinterest and it works very nicely. Here I placed one hexagon of each fabric (each I had at the time!) on top of the 7 cm grid, and I like it enough.

So yes, I got some more fabric :) I have been browsing websites looking for basic tools, and in cottonpatch.co.uk I found some great matches, so I got a quarter metre of each of them:

I think they’re great! My previous grey fabrics were all very neutral except the birds, which lean a little blue. Now from these, the dark lined one is also pretty neutral, but the light lined also leans blue, the roses lean prussian and the forest print leans warm. And the new yellows are also all over the place. I think it’s still allright, though. I was happy to finally find a couple of fabrics with both grey and yellow. The picture at the top of the post shows all fabrics together.

I’ve been making digital versions of the prints in Illustrator (using image files slowed my computer down too much) and trying different designs for the quilt. I tried tumblers, arrows, triangles and hexagons. I’m staying with hexagons. Now that I have new fabrics, I have to digitise these and come up with a more definitive design, more on that later.

So, apart from splurging a little bit on fabric (that’s what the quilt is about, after all), I am trying to keep the tool purchase minimal, I am aways agonising about such things!

The batting, and since it is a small quilt I went for the most luxurious, a mid-loft blend of silk, tencel, bamboo and cotton. I’ll have to test if it is too lofty, though, it may be.

I also got two marking implements: a Clover chaco liner in grey and a Quilter’s choice silver pencil, I will report how these work. Due to the triangle grid I have to work on, what I am most apprehensive about is marking the grid and being accurate on the base fabric. I also got my first quilting ruler, an Omnigrip 8,5 x 12 inches. Yes I went for inches instead of metric :O it has marks for 45 and 60 degrees, the latter will come in handy for the hexagons. I already have a rotary cutter, but who knows where it is, probably still in a box somewhere, I haven’t seen it in a long time.
Also got some thin and long flower head pins and nice thread.

Oh, and cotton fusible interfacing. The original yellow fabric I got is very thin (it is also shot taffeta! first time I notice this in a cotton, it is not changeable like a shot silk is; this one is yellow and orange, which gives it this beautiful deep warm yellow), so anyhow, it is a bit sheer and you can see the fabric folded under, so I got this interfacing for it. I’ll have to test it first.

So now I am only lacking the base fabric and I’ll be all set. I have my mind on an off-white linen, preferably with a little texture and sheen, for contrast. Let’s see if I can find what I want.

On a side note… yesterday I visited a local store that I have been meaning to for years and years! Hexagoon in the Ravenstraat. Among the tons of scrapbooking materials they also have lots of haberdashery bits which I did not expect, and a nice selection of printed cottons. This one was expensive (21 euro / m), but I could not leave without one metre:

Rifle P aper Co. Wonderland – ROSE GARDEN (MOSS)

I’m afraid I am already planning my next quilt, how about this?

For my reference, prices of the new fabrics:
Makower Linea Sunshine £2.75
Sun Prints Fabric: Link on Citrus £2.75
Makower Linea Ebony Fabric £2.75
Little House on the Prairie Fabric: Vines on Vintage Blue £2.85
Makower Linea Heron Grey Fabric £2.75
Sleep Tight Fabric: Forest Scene on Grey £3.70

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