A quilt?

I got it in my head to make a quilt for Erik, by the time he moves into his own room/needs bedding, which will still take months. His room is now light grey and white, with natural oak floors (the oil and blonde shellac deepened and warmed the shade up). I’ll keep the colour scheme grey, white and I will add warm yellow and darker grey to it. So the quilt should be in this scheme. Here I have an inspiration Pinterest board for his bedroom (colours and other stuff).

I’ll go for a crib sized quilt (110 x 125). His crib can be used as a small bed until age 4-6 (depending on growth). A smaller quilt will serve first for the crib, then as a lap blanket or mat to play on. It is also a manageable smaller size for my first quilt.

I also thought of making it reversible, with a play side. Could be roads and houses or a forest/countryside setting. Either piecing/appliqué or finding a suitable fabric, which would be more straight forward, but I am very picky with prints.

I’m gathering inspiration in this Pinterest board.

I may make some other quilts, but I don’t expect to make many. This is yet another side project thing ;)

So, my mission is to gather all the useful information I can and make a decent quilt from the get go. Ahaha :D I don’t want an overly complicated quilt and sort of know how to sew, so that’s something. On the other hand I am impatient and not very precise, so this is perhaps just what I need to eliminate these negative characteristics (hahaha).

I’m gathering info and collecting it into a post.

As usual impatience got the best of me and so I visited two shops in the centre (isn’t it convenient that my favourite yarn store also has quilting fabric and notions?). I found a few fabrics in the colour scheme I am going for. This is probably already more than enough fabric for the top, probably even the binding, but I still have to play with it digitally to see if I can come up with a design I like with just these, or if I want to add more.

The warm yellow is just perfect! I bought everything they had which was just three fat quarters and a bit. Clockwise from top centre: 1/2m of yellow daisy, grey daisy, a tiny print that looks like plant cells in dark grey, light grey birds, plain graphite, three+ fat quarters of plain goldenrod, 1/4m of a geometric grey print, 1/2m of a light grey version of the “plant cell” fabric (centre image). I am already very happy with this selection, we’ll see what I come up with.

For my reference: fabrics 1, 2, 5 & 7 = 9.38 euro; 3, 4, 6 & 8 = 36.74 (WTF right).


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