Sewing things on upside down

With warmer temperatures approaching, I do not run off to the shops. Spring is generally dreadful, and this year is no exception, everything is pink. I ordered some black and grey jersey fabric (I can’t get bothered to either sew or wear woven anymore – jersey dresses are better than wearing pyjamas, just don’t tell anyone) and am now in the process of sewing a few dresses. I often just try to copy something I have and like, in this case a few of last year’s ratty dresses, which I still intend to wear until they are superratty. I found a few lately from H&M’s grey divided that I like, they’re a bit what I call gothic Roseanne, bit of a tent, but cool. I’m in one of my nun moods, this time with a post-apocalyptic slant when I can find it or get it right. I also have a dress I bought in a boutique in Aachen that I love, it’s supernun (craptastic photo). Just draping straight down from the neckline to the ankles, with some drapey “pockets”, my Roseanne panniers. It is so comfortable it hurts (not at all). I wear it all the time. This one was better quality, or just thicker fabric, you can’t ask miracles from lightweight jersey, so it isn’t very ratty yet.

First thing I managed to actually finish (I confess I like cutting but am not a fan of sewing itself, prolly because I suck at it), is a copy of that dress, in some wool/poly (sorry, I normally hate and don’t buy poly but I wanted jersey with wool and this is all I could find D:), so I actually didn’t buy it for summer? It dawned 2°C this morning anyway, so all is right with the world. I have some craptastic phone pictures with absolutely fabulous backdrops. Some dreadful selfies. I might get better ones, I might not…



I made the panniers a little smaller to not waste tons of fabric, they just didn’t fit in the width. I cut some narrower, 3/4 sleeves because of idem. Then I realised that this dress has huge gaping armscyes (and the corresponding sleeves almost look like dolman, they’re also 3/4). And that in this very drapey and elastic fabric it has HUGE GAPING ARMSCYES. Was about to cut new sleeves, or some gussets, when I had the crazy idea of sewing them in upside down? to like cover the armpit gap with the sleeve cap, yo? Amazingly enough this worked. I still cut new sleeves, because I decided it was silly to have a warmer version of this dress with 3/4 sleeves. So I cut super long sleeves that reach like my knees. And I set them in upside-down. Because I can.

It looks totally retarded (or happy?) when the dress is flat on the table. When it is on, you couldn’t tell. But if you look closely, it is a little weird in the armpit. And the seam is on top of the arm. If I do this again, I’ll also try to move the seam to the top (bottom).

Couple of “milestones” in this dress for me. First time I realise that sewing straight stitch with a double needle makes an elastic seam. DUH. Is it because the shuttle thread makes a sort of zig-zag on the back? plus it looks nice-ish. Helps that I got a new double, stretch needle (I am very horrible at changing needles). First time I also do a binding in jersey. I cut it with the grain running vertically (so several rows of knit) and ironed it folded it half before I pinned it on the edge. I didn’t fold the edge underneath like for woven, the edge is just raw. I didn’t want the bulk. And I didn’t dare.

It is far from perfect but I am very proud of myself. Of course I just cut the jersey raw at “hem” and “cuffs” as per my usual.



More soon, if I don’t screw it all up.

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