My website had been down for a while due to technical issues. I finally decided to nearly start over.My previous website was too complex and difficult to update, and the blog integration didn’t quite deserve that name ;)

So I installed a WordPress site, and a theme, and haven’t actually customised it much. I don’t want to spend the time. I found a way to import my blogger blog into WordPress, which was brilliant, and then I realised some pictures in the oldest posts are missing. I found out these were still hosted in some folders that I used to use for my Livejournal. I should upload them back to my server.
Perhaps I should look into also importing my Livejournal entries, although I am sure that’d be messier.

So now the gallery part of my website is actually gone. I have to go through the files and see what and how I can put up some sort of slideshow or portfolio feature, but as for future updates I’ll probably mostly rely on the blog updates.


Meanwhile – workshop is still not up. That will take a while. There will probably be more woodworking than enamel or knitting coming in the future.

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