Migration 2

Ok, I finally was able to download my liveJournal that I used from 2003 to approx fade out in 2011. After week upon week of trying and a lot of patience I had to start using proxies because liveJournal was kicking me out and banning my IP every time. Thank you guys, you’re awesome and that’s why we still love you.

I have kept most of it private as an archive (still deciding what to do with the original, which is also mostly friends locked), but I have made the enamel entries public. I had a lot of stuff there that I hope will be enough to replace an actual website ;) now I have to go through whatever enamel stuff I was too lazy to post in a blog, to be lost in the hit-and-mostly-miss mists of Facebook. I’ll be posting that directly ;) There is some stuff:

I seriously did not post this stuff?

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