I’m done smallifying! just washed them. Here are almost all my band t-shirts, a few that were clean are not there ;P

From front to back: Darkthrone*, Obituary*, Deicide*, Anathema*, Darkthrone, Cathedral*, Paradise Lost*, Katatonia, Celtic Frost, Bolt Thrower*, Ataraxie#, Unleashed, Metallica*, Anathema*, Paradise Lost*, Doom-Metal.com, an old black longsleeve, My Dying Bride#.

So, all those with * is the ones I have fixed, almost all of them! I made a longsleeve shortsleeve (Obituary), and a longsleeve into a shrug (one of the Paradise Lost ones, that was an “unofficial” one). Also the Metallica t-shirt I made it sleeveless.

Ah, and the ones marked with # are self-made (logo painted). The MDB t-shirt I made it many, many years ago because I could not find any. It was only many years later that I saw them for sale in Barcelona, and then out of spite I didn’t buy any. So I only even had my self-made one, and this was my favourite band, hehe.

I’ve had to piece some of the t-shirts. A couple with super wide prints on the back, I placed the print sideways, then had to piece the top. On the Darkthrone longsleeve, I had to add lenght to the sleeves (with the sleeves of the Metallica t-shirt, which is a lot older but was still black… haha).

Well, I took a few pics of the process, when they are dry and ironed I will ask Pim to take a few pictures with them on. I should have taken before pictures with them on, but I think I only did this for one t-shirt…

Thrilled that I can wear all these again!

5 thoughts on “T-shirts

  1. Very cool!!
    Thank you for posting the process, I have a few shirts I want to resize either but I don’t know how to do it properly. The shoulders are usually too large too.

    1. Yes, this was my problem as well. I will post this soon. Do you have an overlock machine? I think that works a lot better, I have one, I guess we could do this here if you want.

      1. Thank you for the invitation, that would be nice, but I’m a little broke right now, I have to be careful with my spendings (I spent a lot lately for my new home) so I can’t travel right now.

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