Maidenhair fern

Here some pics of plants.

We went to get some pots, and came back with more plants than intended. Pim selected a big indoors plant, and a smaller one, which is very out of character :D

I got strawberries (stupid?) and some more herbs. The lemon balm that I thought had died this winter, is sprouting. Good that I didn’t dare throw the “dead” plant away. So now I have two because I bought a second one.

We also got a couple of tomato plants. Last year we sowed, and kept two, which gave 3 tomatoes and a half, which was a lot considering we get about 5m of sun even in summer. This time I got two plants that must be about 20cm tall already, at 1.30€ each they were cheaper than the seeds, and we got two different kinds (cherry and an hybrid).

The lily of the valley shows some signs of movement. I got it last spring, and kept it in a clay pot outside all winter, snow, ice and all. It took some strong will not to put the pot inside, but it seems I did the right thing. I could never keep it alive before. First time I try a clay pot too. ALL plants are doing way better in clay pots. From the two ferns that also spent the winter outside, one is sprouting, the other doesn’t show signs yet.

I hope I can keep this fern alive because I love it.

Some snails eating lettuce:

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  1. I live in Washington, DC, and maidenhair ferns (like the one you hope you can keep alive) have gotten into our subway sytem, where they grow upside-down out of the walls near light fixtures down near the train tracks. You can just see them if you look straight down out the train window–a whole secret plant world! That type of fern seems to like wind. I see them growing wild where it’s shady and damp, but they get a good blast of wind when there’s a storm brewing.

    1. That’s cool. Funny too, that I had it next to a window and moved it elsewhere because I read online that they should be kept away from drafts. These for indoors may be different from wild varieties though.

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