Mixing lipsticks

Today I melted some stuff together:

Amounts approximate:

1. 1/2 Nivea Rouge Scarlet – 1/2 Bourjois Fuchsia Class (a bit translucent).

2. 3/4 Bourjois Fuchsia Class – 1/4 Kryolan F104 (creamy).

3. 3/5 Bourjois Fuchsia Class – 2/5 M.A.C Ruby Woo (a bit matte).

With the exception of Ruby Woo, I like them all better than the original. The kryolan has a nice shade but it smears like crazy. And my favourite of the batch is #3. I am not showing you the palette where I put them because it didn’t turn out as perfect as I wanted.

Trying to get some shades of slightly fuchsia red. I asked Pim, aren’t they completely different? just to make him laugh. Pic sucks though.

PS: they are completely different.

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