10 thoughts on “Lily of the valley

    1. They are very pretty, and are always for sale in the flower market on Friday. I never got them because they look fragile (haha). Do you think they can do well in a pot?

      1. Yes, they do fine in a pot, I keep them in pots too. Some of them I kept for years in a rather shallow reed basket that was falling apart, and they made it through that just fine, except for one particularly cold winter when I lost about a third of them in that basket (but the wind was really blowing through that basket so that’s no surprise).

        They look alarmingly like they die in winter, everything that’s above ground disappears, but they come back a bit bigger each year. You can also leave some flowers to make seeds and sow those, they catch on pretty well.

        I was surprised that they turned out to be such easy and hardy plants, they do indeed look kind of fragile. But they can take a lot of abuse. One year I was on holiday for four weeks in July and it didn’t rain in those four weeks (crazy), so when I came back everything looked really sad or had died, but the platycodon was totally fine. Great plants.

          1. No, they stand up on their own, and they don’t get taller than about 50cm maximum. More like small bushes. They do get wider and their stems get thicker each year (which is weird to me because their stems die off completely each year – but I guess their root system continues to develop and can support a slightly bigger plant each year), but in the vertical dimension they don’t grow much.

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