Cats and plants

Mino with tomatoes





Sold as “Nepeta”, it’s either not cataria, or my cats don’t like catnip. Or this variegated variety is just ornamental.

Lily of the valley, doing fine but not blossoming.

Herbs, indoors. Sometimes I take them outside.

9 thoughts on “Cats and plants

      1. Pues no mucho la verdad, sigo por aqui en London, comenzando a disfrutar del buen tiempo (por fin!) y bajando a Barcelona cuando puedo

        Tu que tal por Belgica? Por lo que voy leyendo aqui todo va genial no? :)

  1. Oooh, your tomatoes are blooming already? Mine are nowhere near blooming. Neither are my platycodons. That’s really encouraging that yours are, though. I hope the lily of the valley still gets there for you, too!

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