11 thoughts on “Cat videos

  1. I am dying of cuteness from the first one :D

    The second was hysterical :D :D The sounds!!! Hahahha

    Lilit is such a little tiger. She’s more slinky, muscular, or something than the kittens I’ve had. …and um, Pim is rather good looking, I notice ;)

    1. You think? hehe, well she can’t stop for a second… I haven’t actually caught her at her most hectic. YOu know, you pick up the camera…

      Her first two or three months she was roaming quite free in backyards and fields.

      I think so too :)

  2. She is a true kitten, always playing and exploring. Mino is so patient, he doesn’t even put his claws on her, what a sweet cat.
    …and yes, Pim is good looking, I agree :))

    1. Hehe, yeah, she is always following him around, and only when she starts playing with his tail he starts getting pissed off. But when she calms down he licks her. He’s a sweet cat, if a bit grumpy.

      Anyway just to be careful, I am keeping everyone with short claws (except myself ;D).

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