I have added more moss I’ve rescued from roof fallout and grown a bit to my… terrarium? vivarium? palidarium? hmh. Where I keep my moss. Terrarium sounds too dry for this place I have to spray once or twice a day, but it doesn’t really have water in it.

The at least two snails that inadvertently had made it their home, have bred and become a colony of sorts. There may be many of them since now anytime you look you see one or several, despite how tiny they are.

They immediately (considering) went on to explore the new, lush moss. I carefully picked up four of them. Two of them are extremely tiny, I never saw such tinier ones before, barely bigger than a pin head.

Wisely enough, the two smaller ones didn’t want to explore my hand.

Do you spot them? The same 4 I was holding.

19 thoughts on “Moss

  1. Terrarium sounds too dry for this place I have to spray once or twice a day, but it doesn’t really have water in it.

    There are terraria with well over 80% humidity, for geckos and the like. My own gets sprayed twice a day to keep it at 40%. :)

    I like the way that terrarium looks and the snails are totally cute *wants*

    1. Oh, good to know :) I was then misled by Wiki: Terrarium, simulating a dry habitat, for instance desert or savannah.

      Do you have geckos?! or?

      I saw some sprayers to keep moss moist online. Perhaps I should get one of those, but first I am afraid of messing with the terrarium and squish snails or eggs, and second I don’t know if I like the idea of having something electrical in there.
      But it might be good for vacation time, I have a hard time trying to get whoever is taking care of the cats at the moment to spray it whenever they come by.

      1. I have a leopard gecko, who does actually live in a desert terrarium. But since it’s over 30°C in there, spraying two times a day barely keeps the humidity at 40%. The terrarium is usually fine for when I am away a couple of days, but I suppose snails needs a bit more humidity. Lots of gecko/leguan/frog owners use those electrical thingies, so I suppose it works pretty well.

        1. Aww, is that him? cute! ^^

          The snails can “hibernate” during dry periods, I think, not sure about these, but the moss can dry out beyond its ability to revive. I think I should consider one of these electrical misters.

    1. The moss isn’t doing so well, for some reason :( but the snails seem just fine. They hide more during the day, I think it must be the heat. When I water some come out.

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