Weird purse (made Saturday and Sunday 4 and 5 of October)

It turned out better than I expected. It is something small and with so many pieces I wanted to put as much care as possible in details and finishing. I think it is the thing with more attention to detail I have ever sewed.

I am most proud of the herringbone detail. I love this sort of herringbone thingy and I have been sketching a lot of things with it lately. This was my first chance to put it into practice (even if small), and I think I have it figured out now. It is a bit like a puzzle. The entire purse was, in fact.

The pics are a bit bad because it is very dark now. The entire day has been dark, but I think there are less blurry pics and more colour accurate in the detailed construction pics I put in this gallery, here. The lining wasn’t sewn in those pics, or the zipper. Now they are, by hand.

It is entirely made out of dupioni silk (I have a lot of small pieces I found here and there), with a thin flannel interlining (it gives an awesome body, I am gonna use it everywhere now!) and a thin ecru canvas lining with two pockets. I used natural materials as much as possible (silk and cotton), even the thread was cotton (except for the lining). A few of the trims are synthetic or viscose, and metallic.

It was a two day project, but I didn’t work much on it on Saturday. I’ll post it under 1 day projects tag.

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