Singer 306K

For those of you that are not yet running away screaming from my sewing machine posts ;P yet another one.

Yesterday we went to pick up the other sewing machine I won on Ebay last week (€21.55) It is an electric 306K (I thought it was a 301 which has the same body, there isn’t much information online about the 306) from the 50’s. This one was dirtier. I would need to clean it with kerosene, but I don’t have or know where to find it here. So far I have cleaned the lint and oiled it and it works fine. It is fast, though. And as is usual with these older machines, there is a slight delay when you give power or stop giving it… It has 6 cams and makes a few nice stitches: zig-zag, multiple zig-zag, arrow heads, checkers, hidden stitch and festoons. I am not sure about the names of the stitches, I know them in Spanish and the manual is in French…

It doesn’t have a pedal but a knee control thingie, which is weird to me. It came in a huge suitcase, lined in some sort of fake snakeskin. I can barely lift it, Pim has to help me. And in the manual they say it is light because the head is aluminum!

It is very strong and makes a perfect stitch :)

Nice thing is that it has the same shank than my other Singer, so I can use the feet in both machines. This one came with presser foot, universal presser foot (for zig-zag etc) left and right (separated) zipper foot, button foot, buttonhole foot, hemmer and “bourdon” (very close zigzag) foot. It has three bobbins and also a double needle.

Mino is as intimidated by the knee control thing as me.

The light still works!

Some stitches.

There is so little light here lately that the pictures suck…

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