Singer 301

Today it’s been busy… apart from a lot of family visits, we went to pick up the sewing machine I won on Ebay yesterday.

The machine, now I can confirm it is a 15-88 model, seems in very nice condition, I haven’t had time to look at it more than 2 minutes since we had to bring it home (helping Pim carry it upstairs with my damaged back: ouchie) and leave. It is a straight-stitch treadle without motor and a short shank, which reportedly can sew very thick materials, the cabinet has a lousy varnish job and a few bug holes (which seem inactive) but is otherwise nice and in good condition. The machine is misteriously missing the two sticks to place the thread spool, which I find very weird… maybe they retract to fold the machine down? it still has the original manual (in ancient Dutch, heh), the original bill from 1953 (it costed about 8000 francs, which is about 200 euro, which was a lot of money back then) several bobbins, and a lot of attachments :D it has a ruffler foot (yay!), a hemmer, a wider-hem hemmer, a zipper foot, a binder foot, a darning foot, and some other stuff I don’t know what it is or I’ve forgotten. Two or three of these feet already cost what I’ve paid for the entire machine…

I was eyeing two machines this weekend, I placed both on my auction sniper (sue me). Since this one went for so cheap (only 1 euro more than starting price) I didn’t take the other out from the sniper. It started at 7.5 euro and I put a maximum of 25… it went for 21.55 which is also a steal, and yeah I won that one too :D It is (I think) a 301 model, and I’ve been googling around and a lot of people rave about it. It is electric, slanted shank, and is placed in a portable wooden case. According to the seller it makes 6 different stitches and has a few feet, and the manual.

What can I say, but yay, YAY!

I still have to contact the seller who lives an hour away southways from us, I guess the pick-up will have to wait until next weekend.

I guess I’ll be posting a lot about the machines in the next days… I’m so excited about them!

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