Let me introduce you to Mr+s. Super Tiny Snail

When my father was here on a visit, I told him about Mr. Tiny Snail. He said: Soon, you will have the greenhouse full of snails, you know they are hermaphrodite. And I said, yes, but surely they do need a partner?

Well, I ask you, do they? Is there another Mr+s. Tiny snail I do not know about? Does Mr+s. Tiny snail need no one? or was he+she already “inseminated” when I found him+her? because… I found another snail today in my moss, and it is not the same one, because it is even tinier!

Barely 2mm.

This is the “original” Mr+s. Tiny Snail:

Who was almost 4mm!

Surely they do not shrink? :P

I was worried my snail was not ok since I hadn’t seen him+her in a long time. Now I see he+she is not only ok, but thriving :P I have existential doubts. How many snails are there in my moss?

Another thing that I have noted, is that snails are super adventurous. They will immediately “jump” on to any surface you present them with. Oooh shiny!

My greenhouse:

Tiny’s house. There are rocks, pieces of shingle, moss of two or three kinds, a fern that took some losses over my vacation, and a bunch of nettles that spontaneously sprouted. I spray it twice a day with mineral water. There are always a few micro bugs around, so of course one or three spiders have found their way in.

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