Curtains for the living

Ikea finally restocked the colour we wanted for the curtains, so we bought them yesterday. It is a tad more greenish than the teipa colour of the sofa, but I think they fit pretty well.

So I spent all day sewing the curtains for the living, two per window, and I still have another 4 to go, for the dining room… next week.

These were pre-made curtains, but they came with these enormous, horrible nickel grommets, so I cut them off and sewn a “gathering ribbon” on them. I am so lazy, that I glued the bottom hem with some sort of iron-on glue-strip that came with the curtains. It saved some time and I figure it is easier to retouch if necessary if we move.

The most annoying and most time consuming part was to iron them, though, they were so creased o_O Again, I have some trouble lately with my back, so I had to sit most of the time while ironing, how decadent, haha.

The sofa hides part of the curtain, but I preferred to make them floor lenght. This picture was so off in colour that I set it in grayscale.

I am happy we finally have curtains, it is so not cosy to have no curtains :P

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