See this little guy?

I rescued him from the rubbish can at work, twice. I stopped my manager from throwing him away yet another time just last week. And yesterday my coworker that sits next to me told me she also rescued him from the rubbish another time, as she saw me complaining about it before.

He looked very sick, but I did not think he was quite dead yet. I gave him a little water now and then and kept an eye on him. And see now! He grew all that just this last weekend. I have taken him home, I should have done that from the first time I found him in the rubbish.

8 thoughts on “Cactus

  1. Es un cactus, se recuperará! :D

    (me ha sorprendido verlo como “he” en vez de “it” supongo que coloquialmente se puede hacer, pero…académicamente? *lookaround*)

  2. It’s a “he” and not a “she”? ;)
    It’s great that you saved that plant, it’s so sweet from you. Beside watching something or someone grow is always a great joy. You did well.

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