White Wagtail nest

Yesterday we went to my in laws house to have dinner. Mother in law told me there was a nest between the wood in the shed. There is a cat wandering around so she covered it with metallic net (the tiny mother can still get in). We searched online to see what kind of bird it is, and found out she is a White Wagtail. In fact my mother in law knew her Dutch name, Witte kwikstaart. She has a beautiful nest with, I think, 6 birdies. Their eyes are still closed, they are very tiny. We took pictures, and I made a gallery (yeah lazy lately ;P )

One of them:

There are bigger versions in the gallery. I will try to get more pictures as they grow.

8 thoughts on “White Wagtail nest

    1. When we made a sound with our tongue they thought there was food coming and opened their beaks, but poor things got tired of this, and no food, and just fell asleep. So I couldn’t take more pics with the beaks open without the net!

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