White Wagtail nest update

So yesterday we went again to the in-laws house, so here it is an update on the White wagtail nest :)

There are 6 youngsters in the nest, I think as many as there were the other day, so they have all survived so far, this is a good tiny mother :) They are now almost as big as their mother, the nest is packed! they have their eyes open and this time they saw we were humans and didn’t open their beaks, they only sit there not moving a feather :D So I took a bunch of pictures of them.

As we were doing this, we heard a birdie call closeby, answering to other calls from the trees nearby, and discovered a young guy on the floor (I think he is a Yellow Wagtail) too young to fly, but about to I would say. His nest is very close to the other in the shed, and empty already. More likely his siblings already flew away, and he is the smallest one that still has difficulty with this, although he unsuccesfully tried when he was trying to escape us. We didn’t see the mother, although she may have been one of the birds in the tree, and she maybe won’t come back to the nest, but still we picked him with a leaf not to leave our smell (although the guy tried to escape and came towards my t-shirt…) and put him back in his nest. If the mother doesn’t come, I just hope he can fly soon and make it by himself. Now that I think of it maybe it would have been better to put him on the roof to see if he could take off from there. Oh well.

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16 thoughts on “White Wagtail nest update

      1. If the little guy/girl is calling for her she’ll probably return soon :)

        Did he balance on your finger? If the chick can balance on you finger it’s a sign they have left the nest and are preparing for flight

        1. Not in my finger, as I didn’t directly touch it. But before I picked him with the leaf, I attempted to make him climb to a branch, and he did, and yeah he grabbed it allright and balanced well :) tried to fly from it and fell to the ground, so we tried the leaf approach.

      1. I had a brief kitty visit as i was looking at the gallery and vlvet says ” awwwe”. or maybe it was more a “yummmm” lol I dunno. She is way over exited tonight to understand why she is determinedto find every single thing in this apartment that can actually look like something bad to do … lol

  1. They’re all so adorable! Great pictures!

    Putting the little guy back in the nest was absolutely the right thing to do, from everything I’ve read. Also, current wisdom says that birds really don’t care that much about human scent, so you’re probably safe to touch one- although the leaf approach worked well, so all’s good!

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