Couscous with cucumber

I don’t remember how or when I prepared this dish for the first time, years ago, just experimenting around (at least in Spain it is a bit weird to cook cucumber) I especially liked it, so I repeat it now and then. I never make the exact same dish twice, but, more or less it’s like this:

Pre-cooked couscous (around a cup when dry I guess? whatever you consider enough for 2 people)

One cucumber (or a bit less if it is huge)

A medium onion

Garlic (to taste, I put a lot)


Salt, pepper, some herbs (in that picture, I used a good deal of parsley, and some sesame seeds)

So I put the couscous in a bowl, add a few drops of sesame oil (but any oil can be used) and pour boiling water over it, about the same amount water than couscous. I leave it to soak the water for, I don’t know, 10 or 15 minutes minimum, while I cook the rest, stirring with a fork now and then. I don’t like to boil the couscous as it says in some packages, it ends up too watery.

I fry the onion and mashed garlic in one or two tablespoons of olive oil, after a while I add the cucumber, that needs less time. Strong fire, better in a wok. When it is ready, I add the couscous, I break the walnuts in smaller pieces with my fingers and add them, enough that it is nicely distributed. Salt, pepper, any herbs you want to add. And that is it. It is a very light dish that is nice for summer.

5 thoughts on “Couscous with cucumber

    1. I love couscous for that reason ;)
      Not *so* different :) but I never cook vegetables much, I like thel kind of crunchy… I don’t think it would take well to fry them long with so much water…

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