Tortilla de Ajos Tiernos + fake Pa amb Tomàquet (two people, or a very hungry one)

A very very easy recipe, but yummy and fresh, none-the-less.

Beat 4 eggs, add a bit of salt and pepper.

Take 3 or 4 tender garlic (this should resemble a bit leek, with green tubular leaves and all), and cut them in small slices. Fresh onions can also work. Use the green leaves too, as much as you can of them.

Fry them with a little oil. When they are a bit tender, add them to the egg and mix well. Then pour in a warm pan of an adequate size. The tortilla should be about 3cm thick.

Fry for a while util it starts getting golden on the bottom, then place a dish on top of the pan, and turn, to fry the other side of the tortilla. Fry until it is golden too. Some people like it still juicy in the inside (like me) other people find that if the egg is a bit uncooked inside it is sickening. So this is to your taste.

Grab two slices of bread and toast them. Cut the base of a garlic clove and rub it on the bread, both sides if you really like garlic. Now, authentic pa amb tomàquet is made by rubbing half tomato on the bread, but for this you need quite ripe tomatoes, and not all kinds serve this purpose anyway, you can end with all the flesh sticking to the peel and only a few seeds on your bread, and this is a waste. So, to use well all of the tomatoes I have available here, that have a lot of flesh and are pretty hard, I first grate them, mix them with a bit of oil and just spread that on the bread. I used one medium tomato. In this case I also added fresh chives and a tiny bit of pepper. It traditionally has a bit of salt too, but I find this excessive.

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