Chicken with sweet potato and cherry tomatoes

threnodynvelvet gave me general directions for this yum recipe :D

[19:49] Morgana: es pechuga de pollo con boniato, cebolla, tomates cherry…

[19:49] Mer: ah tiene buena pinta :)

[19:51] Morgana: okis se pone en un cuadrado de papel de aluminio de unos 30cm x 30cm unas rodajas de cebolla rojas, unas rodajas de boniato, un poco de vino blanco, la pechuga de pollo finita, una rama de romero, unos cuantos tomates peques de esos cherry, sal y pimienta

[19:51] Morgana: lo cierras todo poniendo los extremos arriba para que se cierre bien dejando un poco de espacio

[19:52] Morgana: y se pone en el horno a 230 por unos 25-30min

[19:52] Mer: ah va al horno? :)

[19:52] Morgana: sip es muy facil y se queda todo muy tierno y con jugo, huele muy bien

[19:52] Mer: :)

[19:52] Morgana: y como se cocina al vapor todo pilla un sabor bueno y es mas sano que frito o similar

This is how I did it:

I laid a long sheet (30cm or so) of tinfoil over an oven dish (should have put two, crossed, because it was too narrow). Then I laid one layer of sweet potato slices (not so thick), on top of it another layer of purple onion slices, on top of it thinly cut chicken breasts. Poured a bit of white wine over it, and then salt & pepper. Sprinkled a few cherry tomatoes and rosemary leaves.

Now it is time to close well the tinfoil on top, putting the corners togheter, and leaving a bit of space on top, inside. This is supposed to hold the steam inside so it cooks with it, but my tinfoil was too small and I had to add patches so I think that the steam scaped , but it was ok and juicy enough :)

Then I cooked it (in preheated oven) in oven only mode (I have combination microwave-oven) at 220º C for 45 minutes. This would probably take less in a normal oven.

Edit 27 feb 2006: second try

I put two foil sheets, but it was still a bit difficult to close. Maybe they have to be bigger.

I added one gírgola (I think this is an oyster mushroom) in stripes on top of the chicken. Heat oven for 40 min on 250ºC

30 thoughts on “Chicken with sweet potato and cherry tomatoes

    1. Si ya lo había leído en un libro gordo de cocina vegetariana que tengo xD pero ahí usaban papel sulfurizado. También tengo este papel, así que habrá que probar y comparar :)

      1. Eheh :D that’s what it’s like when things taste yummy (and there isn’t much of it) :p

        I bought asparagus spears today, do you have any suggestion on how to cook them? I love the simple taste of it, just cooked in a hot plate with a bit of salt, but I was wondering if anyone here knew how to give revamp their taste a little bit :)

        1. In spain they cook them often in tortilla, I think they fry them a bit beforehand, and then add them to eggs and make an omelette.
          I love white asparagus (just had a can, hehee) but I am not a fan of the green ones, so I am not an expert.

          But talking about tortillas, you have to try lettuce omelette. It sounds very weird, and I pulled a face when I first heard of it, but you have to try it!
          The thing is to make it fast and with max. 2 eggs, so the letucce doesn’t cook and it stays crunchy inside. (Just mix chunks of lettuce with the beaten eggs and a bit of salt and do the tortilla). It is great :D

          1. It does sound odd, but somewhere inside my brain, my hypotalamus (or however the heck that word is in english :p) is telling me that warm eggs and the crunchiness and freshness of lettuce can go really well!

            Muchas gracias for the suggestions, Mer! :D

        2. in the Discovery channel I saw a program about the chemistry of food, and there the cook talked about asparagus, and his suggestion was to fry them in a bit of butter, not to boil them, because hen boiled, all the taste stays in the “soup”, which goes to the drain most of the times. Hope it helps :)

  1. a mi de esos ingredientes sólo me gusta la pechuga y tiene que ser rebozada xDD
    los tomates…grimaaa, tiene que ser salsa
    pero de todas formas, tiene buena pinta, aunque a mi no me guste ;p

      1. lo dudo…y más si lo tengo que cocinar yo xDDD
        me tengo quedado en casa sola un mes y cocinar lo básico y lo más rápido xD
        cuando viva sola en comida me ahorraré una pasta xD

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