Cheesecake, Mer stylee (super easy)

I don’t think I have ever posted this? at least I don’t find it in the recipes tag… but I could have posted it before I started using tags…

500g fresh cheese, I think the more similar to what I use is “cottage”. Original recipe with catalan cheese “mató” (still the best ;P) Here I use Werbomont artisanale fresh cheese (this is bio) I tried once fresh cheese from the supermarket brand and I had to throw the cake away, it was awful. It needs to have somewhat crumbly consistency, not almost liquid like yougurt.

3 eggs, beaten

9 to 12 tablespoons sugar (depends how much you like sweets, I use 9)

1 tablespoon cornstarch

grated peel of 1 lemon (you can use less but me loves lemon)

Optional: cinnamon, clove

Beat everything togheter with a mixer. I added a bit of powdered cinnamon (keep clove for the end). Beat well and pour into greased mold (I use silicon molds so no need to grease) You can put a few berries on the bottom of the mold before pouring the mix, they go well togheter. Sprinkle a bit of powdered clove on top. Cook, 220º C or so, until the knife comes clean. Doesn’t have to become golden but it can start to at the edges. I use heat/microwave combination oven so it takes only 15 min, but when I used conventional oven (heat only on bottom) it took up to 30 min. Let cool down and refrigerate, serve cold (if you can wait)

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