Black mushrooms with leek and rice noodles.

Tasted this when a chinese classmate brought it to class, and she gave the recipe (it is very simple in fact)

Yesterday I found dried black mushrooms (yay!) so I tried. Too many mushrooms, too much leek, and I didn’t use the right kind of noodle (in fact I used “rice stick”, some kind of super thick tagliatelle) because I ran out. So you are supposed to use less mushrooms, and thin round rice noodles of the kind that becomes transparent when you boil. And less leek. But I kinda like it with a big amount of thingie ;P

I put 25g of the mushrooms in water for half an hour. This is a shitload of them because they grow like crazy. Pim says that they look foul and that probably most people wouldn’t want to eat that. I don’t see why, but then I am a mushroom freak…

I used one leek, cut it in very very tiny pieces, I also cut a piece of my finger in the process. You fry it a bit with some oil.

Then you add the boiled noodles, the mushrooms sliced in not so small pieces, and a lot of black pepper, because this is supposed to be spicy. Well that’s all, it is kinda easy isn’t it ;P

Next time I will do it with the right kind of noodles… it looks completely different.

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