[Makeup] First makeup entry here.

3 looks from this week:

They list what I used.

I’m not gonna use tags in this filter, so if you are annoyed by it just ask to be removed =)

I packed all of my makeup (very well you can bet, and it goes handluggae with me, lol) except the very basics that are in my purse. Soo, well, nothing interesting until I am in Belgium.

8 thoughts on “[Makeup] First makeup entry here.

  1. Qué guapa, te quedan genial los labios de rojo :D bueno tirando a rojo, que debe ser rosa oscuro, es que no veo en detalle porque la primera foto no me carga la parte de abajo, no sé por qué XD

  2. Great shades and colours, I can’t tell which one I prefer, they’re all very seducing. You have a marvelous skin too, a great “material” for make up. :)

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