I have filled 3 palettes today, with 4 eyeshadows that arrived in the mail. Well in fact I had to cheat because I don’t have 3 palettes to fill, so I put them out and in to take the picture.

I just like to look at them, they are like an artist palette, watercolor or oil, but in adittion to the color they have these very different textures and they play with the light in different ways… and then on the skin it is even nicer…

… I am just an addict ;P

At least I don’t stink ;P

And while Pim does and eats his late night sandwiches before going to bed, I’m gonna entertain myself writing down the names, from left to right and top to bottom:

Shroom (Satin), Vapour (Velvet), Jest (Frost), Mink Pink (Veluxe), Soft Heart (Matte)

Seedy Pearl (Frost), Dovefeather (Veluxe), Shale (Satin), Trax (Velvet), Beauty Marked (Velvet)

Fade (Satin), Tilt (Frost), Deep Truth (Frost), Parisienne (Frost), Au Contraire (Frost)

Vex (Frost), Mineralism (Lustre), Garçon Gray (Veluxe), Bistro (Veluxe), Carbon (Matte)

Performance (Matte), Patina (Frost), Taupe Note (Matte), Rummy (Satin), Showstopper (Matte)

Bamboo (Matte), Orange Tangent (Frost), Coppering (Veluxe pearl), Antiqued (Veluxe Pearl), Embark (Matte)

Parsley Sage (Matte), Casa Blanca (Frost), Gorgeous Gold (Veluxe Pearl), Chrome Yellow (Matte), Amber Lights (Frost)

Juxt (Satin), Velvet Moss (Veluxe), Sumptuous Olive (Veluxe Pearl), Femme Noir (Veluxe), Fiction (Frost)

Brill (Satin), Prose & Fancy (Satin), Shimmermoss (Veluxe Pearl), Ingenue Blue (Veluxe), Plumage (Matte)


Oh and now that we are at it,

11 thoughts on “Palettes

  1. oh I really like the shades of the first, these grey pink ones.

    You know, because of you, I’ve been thinking about trying new shades and new colours. Because I didn’t have much money these last months and was kind of uncreative, I’ve been using the same black pencil for days, making the colour blend into some grey, but the other day I though I look damn old and tired, and this black colour really didn’t help to feel fresh ;). I’ll try some new stuff now, you’ve given me ideas :)

    1. :)
      What kind of colors suit you?
      I realized that cold colors don’t suit me so well, and less now that I have reddish hair. I still got those purples and blues because they are beautiful, but I don’t use them so much. The dusty pinks are a bit nicer on me. But warm ones are always better it seems.

      1. I prefer matte colours (not shiny, it does details as wrinkles too much ;) ), I think dark browns as your “showstopper ” and your “embark” ones would fit me. And light brownish pink on the cheeks.
        I have grey blue eyes, with a bit of yellow inside, and brown hair.
        Hmm think I’ll go shopping for all this very soon :)

        1. Oh yeah, I also am starting to get wrinkly eyelids, and the shiny colorsmake it worse… I should stop getting those.

          Yes your eyes are very beautiful :) I think that not too bright oranges would look good, because they look very nice with blue eyes :D

  2. Forgot to tell you that the palettes look great. Indeed looking at them gives the same pleasant and hmm sensual feeling as looking at a nice box of pencils or crays, with colours put in order.

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