L’escarpolette’s pendant almost finished and other stuff

Today I woke up early.

I have been cleaning the workshop, it was a mess. A pipe had a leak last week and, bah. Some old skeleton drawings form school finally died, huge drawing folders where just under the leak. This was the best thing that could happen to finally get rid of them.

Then I framed an hanged an old enamel I had lying around since 2000 (!) that went to my dad’s bedroom (it is an exact copy of a drawing from my favorite tales book as a kid).


And been working on lescarpolette‘s pendant.

This is all for now:

I will wait for her to tell me if she wants to add or substract (substract would be difficult to impossible though :/) anything. I perhaps would change the brown lines and shades for grey/black.

Busy day. My legs hurt a lot now and I’m tired

Did I mention before that I hate Ebay? I do.

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