Knitting russet

I make other things as well. These entries are posted in the OTHER category… or they’ll be once they’re cleaned up. Here is a list of tags to browse through. Most of these entries I imported from my liveJournal and many haven’t been reviewed yet and are set to private. More stuff will come to light as I go through it:

Painting & illustration & calligraphy & bookbinding: I put all of these together, perhaps at some point I should split them. These sketches for jewellery and enamel are tagged separately.

Some recipes for food and drink.

Photography & video. I have a 500px  account and that doesn’t generally get posted here.

My gardening diary. In reality it is mostly pictures. I am considering importing here to my website, but it may get too messy…
Home & decor & home renovation. Most of this stuff ends up in our home renovation blog. Also considering importing…

I do sew a bit. I am not very good at it but jersey fabric is very forgiving. There’s also a bit of embroidery & other fabric related stuff in here.

For a while I made trinket jewellery and sold it.

DIY: general DIY that doesn’t fit in the other categories.

And some make-up and hair.