Layette / Stretchy bind offs

Romper. I prefer snaps that can be moved easily to adjust, I just sew decorative buttons on top.

I haven’t written about knitting in a long time. Ever since I sort of have stopped working more in the house because I just can’t anymore, I’ve been knitting. Can’t do both much with my joints.

Anyway. I’ve been mainly working on finishing old UFOs (of which I still have a million) and… I suppose a layette for the baby (you probably need a Ravelry account for this link to work). All these small items are very satisfying, small amount of yarn, instant gratification, and easy to design something on the go, too.

I made up a couple of patterns and I’ll probably publish them. I’m making this little gallery to which I’ll add things as I finish them. To see what patterns I used, you better visit the link above and do that through Ravelry. If i publish anything, I’ll for sure post about it again.

Bind off

Which brings me to the BOs. I have knitted a few toe up socks, and I suppose other things where I needed an elastic BO on ribbing, but I actually never had a problem making my BO in pattern loose enough, with the same needles, I just adapt my tension. It doesn’t look particularly pretty, it kind of flares off, but that is not noticeable when worn. This has made me lazy to try other BOs, I tend to stick to both the long tail CO and the regular BO (always in pattern though).

As I was knitting a pair of booties (these are super cute BTW), for some reason I decided I wanted to try a different BO.

I tried the… I don’t find a name for it. SSK/p2tog type of BO. In this one, you work in pattern and you work the last two sts again (in the pattern of the last st you worked) with a ssk or p2tog.

I also now want to try the Russian BO. You p2tog, loosely, put the st back, p2tog again… I tried it on the bootie for a few sts and it seems to look nice.

Other things I may want to try: sewn (kitchener) BO (perhaps better on 1×1 than 2×2 from what I read); sewn BO after a couple of tubular rows (knit the knits and slip the purls with yarn in front); suspended BO.

I also have to try the tubular CO one of these days.

This post brought to you by four-in-the-morning-my-back-aches-and-im-hungry.

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