Fair Isle


My beginnings with yarn on both hands

I’ve been knitting more often recently. I realised that my joints are not up to even a little bit of woodworking, so I got a subscription for the gym nearby and I’m doing a rehabilitation type of program two to three times a week. It’s slow at the moment, my shoulder is being particularly problematic.
Can’t do much working on the house (at the moment it is quite heavy construction in low temperature which always makes my joints worse), the garden (apart from pollarding a willow’s thick branches which is partially why my shoulder is so bad) or woodworking, so I’ve been knitting instead. Carefully.

Shetland yarn on a mossy Lisbon limestone balconyIn our trip to Lisboa about a year ago I got a few balls of Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight yarn.

I got in my head to knit a Fair Isle waistcoat. This was not enough yarn or contrast, so a couple of months later I got a few more balls directly from Jamieson. I’ve been putting up charts and swatching on and off. These past days I’ve been taking it more seriously and swatched all of the chart that I printed months ago. Some of the shades did not work well together or the contrast was too low (I’m going for muted tones and low contrast, but, well, some), so I knitted some of the charts with different colours.
My first mishappen circular Fair Isle swatch
This has also been practice since I had done very little stranded colourwork before (mostly swatching for pattern designs that I then parked until my skill was up to par), this swatch has been also my practice. I tried with two strands of yarn on the left hand, as I did for double knitting, but I wanted to try weaving and couldn’t figure it out that way, so started with one strand on each hand. Oh boy! I believe I didn’t take up knitting when I was a kid because my mother taught me English, that’s how people do it in Spain, and I just couldn’t. I have a lot of natural difficulty, but colourwork is been the motivation to get better at it. After this long stocking-like circular swatch I feel a lot more confident.
Starting again
Then I took reference photos, ripped it all off and have just started over. I put on a third more stitches this time around. I greatly enjoy colourwork. It doesn’t really fit into my wardrobe no matter how you look at it, but I’ll have to find a way…

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