Some brooches

I haven’t been updating as of late, probably because nothing has really been going on.

It is a very snowy and cold winter in Europe, and I actually enjoy it a lot more than the regular winter around these parts. I really like the cracking of the snow under my shoes, and if you are well dressed, it is enjoyable to have a walk.

I haven’t been enamelling, and failed at feeling guilty about it. I sometimes think it is because of lack of equipment and comfort in my workshop, but this may be an excuse. In any case, I am going to Barcelona in two weeks, and I have decided to bring (ship back) a very nice jewellery table from the jeweller’s tools shop there. It is massive oak and with all the fittings I like, and a set of big drawers. My previous table was from these makers and I was very happy with it. I should also get some silver because I have almost run out, and hopefully all this will motivate me a bit.

I haven’t been idle however. I’ve been knitting ;P a lot. It is a very nice hobby I think. Easy to learn the basics, but with many possibilities to learn and improve. It is portable, it is clean, it can be picked up for just 5 spare minutes, some simple things can be done while chatting or watching tv. The investment in tools is minimal (at least with my Chinese bamboo needles, which are great I think). And you are handling yarn all the time.

I made a scarf for my dad, one for my mom, and two for myself (2). And a couple of toys for the cats to ignore (1, 2).

I always like to have many projects going on, and so I have: two pairs of mittens (1, 2), a hat, and some other toys. Toys are fun.

Today I made a few wire brooches for my mom’s scarf. I will give it with one or two of these. Help me decide?

All the pics are here:[email protected]/sets/72157623179465874/

These are quick to make. Maybe I should put some on Etsy?

Edit: I did put some:

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    1. Thanks! The first one in this post? I register that as yellow, my FB as orange. Well it looks more orange in the pic.

      Yeah I may put them on etsy, I can sell these quite cheap.

    1. Yes, I made the one with green beads first, and it seemed lost in the yarn. My boyfriend suggested an orange, and I think the honey tone goes very well. I have put that one on Etsy but I can make another for my mom.


      1. La muerte de las ratas!!! xDD

        La teoría me la sé y tengo la web que me habías pasado pero soy patosa para estas cosas xDD (aparte de no tener paciencia) Se lo diré a mi madre, a ver si cuela xDD Así deja un poco la DS. El elefante es lindiño y para Gran A’Tuin me gusta la última :D Gracias!

      1. I love the color variations and it works so well with the undulating design you chose.

        Unfortunately, I do not knit at all. Would love to learn, but have so many “irons in the fire”, you know? It does appeal based on your description of it being portable, clean, no big equipment needed. And the output is very useful, not only beautiful!

        1. I have too many irons in the fire as well, but I am happy I gave it a try. I have some “dead” time (one hour a day in the train for example) when it comes in handy. I must have my hands occupied with something at all times.

          If you are interested I can give you useful links. I learned on my own from the internet in very little time, last winter.

          PS: there are so many free patterns to knit cute toys for the cats!

            1. Do your cats like catnip? I don’t know if mine do, it is not for sale here, I’ll have to buy in the UK. The toys can be stuffed with catnip.

              First, nice and cheap needles, I recommend a set of circular 29″, and a set of double pointed (DPN) 5″ (some people find them too short to work with) or 8″. I think straight needles are a hassle, and you can only knit flat with them. Only some of the people that learn with them seem to prefer them.
              Bamboo is nice for beginners, metal can be too slippery.


              Very nice website to learn, with videos:

              A bit more advanced techniques:

              A must!! knitting community, hundreds of patterns (many free), to keep track of everything, and loads of info in the forum.
              My profile:

              One last thing: steer clear of synthetic yarn! especially to learn, it makes everything too difficult.
              A nice basic merino worsted or aran weight is good.
              Many people in the US like this shop:

              Oh and books. A nice one to have is this one:
              And this one is very complete:

              1. THANK you so, so much.

                My cats love catnip, I even grow it for them in warm months. Wonder why it is banned in your area?

                The lure of knitting, for me, is the luxurious wool, which I love.

                1. No problem!

                  Oh, no it is not banned, I don’t think. It is just not known. Is Spain I had heard about it but never saw it. People don’t seem to want it in their garden so cats don’t come and roll all over it or anything.
                  In fact in a big pet food shop here I found catnip treats once. They didn’t have much catnip and were colored emeral green. My cats weren’t crazy about them. One of my cats is crazy about green olives though, lol.

                  Heh ;))
                  So, the yarn I used, in case you are interested, is Artesano Aran, Dawn colourway, 50% alpaca, 50% merino wool. I got it here:
                  But there is always more choice in US sites.

                    1. :DD

                      If you join Ravelry please add me to friends, I’ll love to follow your progress, and any question, you know, just ask.

  1. I like the honey one. For myself, I’d choose the blue/grey one and the red one (without the black pearl) I think I’m going to check your Etsy page more closely. :)
    I saw some friends of mine yesterday, and I’ve found out hat they’re all knitting. I think we’re going to have knitting workshops, that would be fun. I wish you could join us. :)

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