And the lastest hobby is…. knitting xDD

I knew one day or another I would give it a try.

It seems a good, portable and productive passtime for moments when I cannot do other stuff: on the train, sitting on the sofa, late at work with nothing to do (and no one around), etc.

I am not interested in making big, fluffy and furry sweaters and scarves at all. I prefer finer, thinner, neater, fitted work: things I would actually wear.

Pim wanted to order a couple of geek books on Amazon, so I ordered some too. I read a lot of reviews both in .com and until I decided which knitting books to get.

I ordered:

“Vogue Knitting”: The Ultimate Knitting Book

This as a basic guide, which seems very complete and has the best consistent reviews.

Boutique Knits: 20+ Must Have Accessories

I also wanted to get a book with cute patterns. Seems pretty much my style, not too basic (boring) and they are accesories so relatively small projects, seems a good compromise. And it has great reviews.

Other books I have added to my wishlist are A stitch in time, French Girl Knits, Glam Knits and Fitted Knits

And I also ordered these two that have been in my wishlist for a long, long time, and may be very useful for my current sewing project: Couture Sewing Techniques and Ribbonwork: The Complete Guide.

And today I received a 14 needle pack :)

They are chinese bamboo needles, 29″circular (circular were recommended to me since the work hangs in the middle and you can knit flat stuff or on the round), very light and smooth, they do look nice, and they were quite cheap: I got them on Ebay for $20.

The sizes are 2.25, 2.75, 3.25, 3.5, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 8, 9 and 10 (mm).

As I am a complete newbie and I have no idea what I am gonna need, I thought this would be a great assorted pack with probably all needles I could need.

And I should start looking for some yarn, locally. There is a nice kilting and yarn shop 5 minutes walk from my house. But perhaps for my first tests I should get some cheaper yarn in the discount store (10 minutes further on). Everything is quite expensive in Belgium, especially hobby things…

I joined in and I think I already have a Flickr account somewhere (the two seem to go best togheter). What I don’t know is if I am gonna keep the knitting journal here, or in another journal, lj or otherwise, or in both (x-posting). I have merged journals in the past and it is a big pain in the ass… I really prefer to keep everything togheter in the same place, and if necessary filter.

But in Ravelry, when I enter my RRS of course it shows all entries… most of them won’t be knitting related though. And I would bet most people in my friend’s list here in LJ are not really interested in this at all ;P so perhaps I could repost and filter in LJ, and get another LJ or other journal for public posting.

If I end up doing that, well, do tell me if you are interested in being in this filter.


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  1. I like knitting a lot, because it’s an obsessional activity that creates something at the end. :) I made myself a long warm raspberry pink scarf for this winter, and I like it a lot. The thing is when you start knitting it’s very difficult to stop. Obsession I’m telling you! :)) So you need to have some time in your schedule.

    1. xDD no te hubiera imaginado la verdad… pero, hmhm, ahora que pienso ;P

      Pide una invitación a, te la darán en cinco dias o asi, yo creo que vas a encontrar cosas que te van a molar mogollón xD

  2. I’d be interested in seeing your knitting progress. Ravelry is the best thing ever. Period.
    Also spend a little time at these sites:
    good technique help-
    really cute free patterns-
    my favorite needles and yarn supplier-

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